Recently I paid a visit to my home town of Dundee just before the new V and A opened there. I hardly recognised the town centre with the one way systems and no entry signs. One of the people who was with me could find his way around much better than I could.

We were staying in Broughty Ferry where I used to live before I came to England where I have now lived longer than I had lived in Dundee. Before i was married I lived in the north of the city. I would return to live in Scotland, but I would be further away from my family than I am now. Two of them living in the south and one, at the moment, living in Cairo.

My two closest friends are both now dead as are all my relatives. I still know one or two people I like to see when I go back.

One of the things I miss most is the food. I haven’t found a baker in England to compare with Goodfellow and Steven in Broughty Ferry. Unfortunately they do not do ¬†mail order which is probably just as well or I would be spending a fortune sending for things. The fish shops also seem to sell fish more to my liking. I haven’t seen herring fillets in fish shops in England for years, but they seemed to be in all the fish shops I looked in in Scotland. The Queen Mother was reputed to like herring coated in oatmeal and grilled and so do I. I also miss mealy puddings (white puddings). I have tried white puddings in England and they seem more like sausages. The butcher in Dundee where I have bought very good puddings was sold out of them when I was there. I have sent for some from another butcher and am hoping they are good. Near Robert Burns’ birthday haggis is available here and quite edible, but I have yet to find any “proper” mealy puddings.

If i sound a bit nostalgic, then I am. No matter how many years England is my home, I am still a Scot at heart.


What’s Happened to Fish and Chips?

Yesterday a friend and I went for lunch to a pub which we hadn’t been to for a long time. We both ordered fish¬† and chips. What arrived can be described only as awful. Both fish and chips were very greasy; the batter on the fish was hard and the chips were soft and soggy. I thought they had been reheated.

When we complained the waitress offered to bring us a fresh bowl of chips. It arrived with chips as bad as those on our plate, so we declined and sent them back.

For months any time I have ordered chips in a pub or restaurant they have arrived in this condition. Are they some kind of bought in chips? They never used to be like that. The waitress tried to convince us they were freshly made. I expect chips to be crisp and not too greasy and likewise with the batter on the fish.

If a foreigner, trying what used to be our national dish, was presented with this, our reputation for British food being unpalatable would be confirmed.

Can anyone tell me what has happened to the good old fish and chips?


A few weeks ago I decided to put some short stories on Kindle which I had written over a period of time. Most of them had been typed on computers long gone, so what to do?

I tried scanning them, but, of course, I could change nothing in the copied versions, so when I found things I wanted to change I gave up that idea. I thought there was nothing to it but to type them out again. I set about this laborious task and had almost finished when suddenly everything disappeared from the screen. I tried everything I could think of to retrieve them, but to no avail. I decided there was nothing else for it but to start all over again. Once I set my mind to do something I do not like to give up. I typed each story separately, saved it and backed it up which I should have done in the first place.

Eventually last week I finished and stories are now on Kindle with the title “The Last Laugh and other short stories.”

Was it worth all the trouble? Only time will tell!

I have a feeling someone will tell me how I could have retrieved them.

Are You Being Served?

This morning I was in a well known department store waiting to be served. Nearby were four young assistants talking and laughing loudly. I caught the eye of one of them and she must have known I was waiting, but I had to ask to be served

I went to another department and there an assistant and two customers were also attracting attention with their loud talking and laughing.

Aren’t all these stores going through a hard time at the moment? I would have thought that those who work there would be doing all they could to make sure their jobs were secure by giving the customers who are there, their attention.

I like to see people enjoying themselves, but there is a time and place……

Assorted Verse

I do not call myself a poet
But sometimes I resort to verse
You may call it something worse!
On Kindle I’ve put some rhymes
Written by me at different times
Some of them provoke some thought
Some, I hope have even caught
Emotion that you’ve felt some time
Before I captured it in rhyme.

My assorted verses are now published on Kindle.
Please try reading some of them.







I think of a password
And think it’s clever
But am destined never
To see it again
Passwords written down
Bring many a frown
The same one always using
Would seem less confusing
But that’s another no no
So where do we go?
I return to the site
And I know what I type
Is definitely correct
But it is not accepted
Three times it is rejected
I again reset
Success at last!
But I will take a bet
The next time I return
Password incorrect
A new one I select
and all is well
But I can tell
The next time I returnj
I’ll see password incorrect

The businessof passwords sometimes makes me very frustrated and speaking to friends they have the same trouble. I write them down because how are you expected to remember dozens of them? I always write them down carefully, making sure what is upper case or lower case. Thank goodness for sites which remember your password, but probably that’s not safe.













Winter waited
Then pounced when
We least expected it
Covering everything in the night
In a robe of purest white

Imperfections hidden
We admire her beauty
Children shout with glee
Make snowmen and sledge on hills
Bringing them countless thrills

But silently
She mocks our joy
Planning a cruel ploy
Icing roads and drifting high
Ignoring any plaintive cry

The two faces
Of the coldest season
Of the year
Bringing us the changing weather
Beauty and treachery entwined together