Assorted Verse

I do not call myself a poet
But sometimes I resort to verse
You may call it something worse!
On Kindle I’ve put some rhymes
Written by me at different times
Some of them provoke some thought
Some, I hope have even caught
Emotion that you’ve felt some time
Before I captured it in rhyme.

My assorted verses are now published on Kindle.
Please try reading some of them.








I think of a password
And think it’s clever
But am destined never
To see it again
Passwords written down
Bring many a frown
The same one always using
Would seem less confusing
But that’s another no no
So where do we go?
I return to the site
And I know what I type
Is definitely correct
But it is not accepted
Three times it is rejected
I again reset
Success at last!
But I will take a bet
The next time I return
Password incorrect
A new one I select
and all is well
But I can tell
The next time I returnj
I’ll see password incorrect

The businessof passwords sometimes makes me very frustrated and speaking to friends they have the same trouble. I write them down because how are you expected to remember dozens of them? I always write them down carefully, making sure what is upper case or lower case. Thank goodness for sites which remember your password, but probably that’s not safe.













Winter waited
Then pounced when
We least expected it
Covering everything in the night
In a robe of purest white

Imperfections hidden
We admire her beauty
Children shout with glee
Make snowmen and sledge on hills
Bringing them countless thrills

But silently
She mocks our joy
Planning a cruel ploy
Icing roads and drifting high
Ignoring any plaintive cry

The two faces
Of the coldest season
Of the year
Bringing us the changing weather
Beauty and treachery entwined together












Donating Organs

How many people have discussed with their loved ones if they would want their organs donated if such an occasion arose?

Now some places want an opt out system rather than an opt in. What would you do?

I have had a donor card for years, but thought i was now probably too old and everything would have worn out. I have checked on the web and apparently my organs would still be used.


Contact the Elderly

This is a charity where someone who is old (over 75) and lonely is taken to have afternoon tea once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, with a family or group. There they meet other people who are in the same situation as themselves.

Recently there was a “Spare Chair Sunday”. A family invited an elderly person and their driver to join them for Sunday lunch.

Good ideas for anyone, male or female, who would benefit from this.

Details can be found on web.

Reading for Pleasure

If you like a detective story with little or no violence, why not try one of the Chief Inspector Quinn stories?

The Body in the Wall is the latest one in which the body is found in the street where Quinn and his family live. It is an intriguing story with many twists and turns and, at times, has Quinn completely flummoxed. The ending might come as a complete surprise to the reader.

Find it on Kindle. If you do I hope you enjoy it.