Someone To Have a Go at!

An article in today’s Guardian could be described as trying to defend pensioners, but some of the comments about it are very harsh as if all pensioners were living in the lap of luxury. Some of us had a tough time when we were younger. I am glad that now I can get ends to meet financially which was not the case sometimes when I was younger.

Yes, I agree some pensioners are wealthy, but some young people are wealthy in their own right and some have wealthy parents who help them out. The state pension is not a king’s ransom by any means.

What I object to is some of the people criticising the old are wealthy themselves e.g. Chris Huhne.

It always amuses me when the bus pass is cited as one allowance that pensioners receive no matter what their income is. I’m sure not many millionaires us the bus!

It appears society must use some group as a punch bag and this time it is pensioners.


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