She Who Shouts Loudest………

Prime Minister’s question time was discussed last night on “Question Time”. The two women who were advocating more women in parliament, saying it would lead to better behaviour were shouting louder than the three men on the panel and one of them was constantly talking over a man who was speaking and interrupting. It doesn’t look as if a majority of women would solve the problem judging by last night’s performance!


It Never Rains…….

No doubt lots of people who have been flooded have been thinking that it never rains but it pours, but I have been thinking that in a completely different sense.

At the beginning of January I decided I could afford to refurbish my sitting room, so I ordered a new carpet and three piece suite. If only I had been able to see into the future!

I discovered later I needed some expensive dental work not available on NHS.
Less than a fortnight ago a bus banged into my car and it was a write off. My car was old, but it was still running well. The insurance company has given me a pittance – a fair price for the old jalopy, but certainly not enough to replace it. Today my tumble drier stopped working and my computer is almost demanding to be sent to the knackers’ yard.
I thought these things were supposed to happen in threes.
I might moan about all of these things, but let’s get things in proportion. I wasn’t injured in the car accident; I could live with  a gap in my teeth; I can hang my washing on a drying screen and I can struggle on with my old computer.

I am trying to look on the bright side and why not? There are people in the world who would exchange my problems for theirs any day