Spent last week in Edinburgh on Bridge holiday.
I just love the city; it is so full of history. Everywhere you turn there are places of interest. This visit I particularly wanted to see inside the Scottish Parliament and I wasn’t disappointed; it is quite stunning. No matter how often I visited Edinburgh I’m sure I would never see all there is to see.
Princes Street still has the lovely gardens, but sad to say the shops are not what they used to be.
Empty trams were driving up and down; they are to be in full use apparently in May.

Holyrood Palace where Queen stays when she is in Edinburgh



Inside the Scottish Parliament belowWhich way




Natter, Natter

Old people often criticise teenages, but I am an oldie criticising oldies.

Recently at an opera the people in the row behind chattered incessantly. Dirty looks had no effect. Exactly the same thing happened at a U3A meeting spoiling the interesting talk that was being given and this happens repeatedly. These chatterers seem completely unaware of the disturbance they are causing and seem to have no manners. If they don’t want to listen why go in the first place? They could chat in a cafe over a cup of tea.

One Rule For Rich

Last weekend the weather was lovely in England. A group of us had lunch in the Bear Hotel in Woodstock to celebrate my youngest daughter’s birthday and Mothers’ Day.

While in Woodstock my eldest daughter and I visited Blenheim Palace (photo below) three times enjoying the grandeur of the palace and the beauty of the gardens and the grounds. The land and a large sum of money was given to the first Duke of Marlborough by Queen Anne and a grateful nation for his victory over the French at Blenheim in 1704. A very handsome present indeed!┬áNo doubt he was a great general, but I presume the foot soldiers and the widows and orphans left after the battle got nothing. ‘Twas ever thus!

Taken on a very sunny day.

Taken on a very sunny day.