I am 81 not 18

Last Friday I went to one of Marks and Spencers special days for card holders and attended one of the fashion shows. No longer do models display the clothes, they are simply held up, described briefly and priced. The audience consisted of older women. I should guess no one was under sixty. Now I for one am glad that gone are the days when old women dressed in black. I love clothes, but there is a limit to what one can wear in one’s advanced years. I no longer feel comfortable in dresses where the hemline is well above the knee. Many women will not wear garments which are sleeveless or see through. Sagging figures do not lend themselves to some styles! The garments displayed were mostly for the younger generation, yet there are some clothes in the store to tempt older women. Why not show some of those?

The attractive girl giving the presentation gabbled her way through the show; the sun was shining on the television screen and many of us could not see what was on it. When the show ended he woman next to me said,”There was nothing there for us”, and I had to agree. Last year I immediately bought something which had been in the display, not so this year.

During the day there are likely to be few young people available to watch these shows. Why not gear what is shown to the audience which is watching?

Come on, M&S, you can do better than this. Last year critics were saying you had lost your way. Cater for those of us no longer in the first flush of youth and we’ll come back to you.


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