Two Views to Getting Old

The other day I visited retirement flats for the over 70’s. Everything was very nice, but there wasn’t much room for hanging clothes. When I commented on this, it was suggested that since I was old I’d be throwing most of them out anyway along with all the other decluttering I’d be doing. Isn’t this ageist? Are we not supposed to go anywhere once we are past a certain age? Later I was  advised to get my daughter to check something on the internet. When I said I could do it myself, this was met with a look of surprise.

Today in the supermarket I had put in a basket the few things I wanted and was making my way to the self service area. As I passed the “Baskets Only” area, I saw the elderly woman sitting there with no customers. I told her I had been on my way to the self checkout. She said she was glad I was prepared to use the self checkout because so many older people wouldn’t. I told her about what had happened at the flats and she said “Good for you” and gave me a thunbs up sign.

Some people seems to think that when you get old, you become stupid. Many older people still have lively minds and a young outlook on life.

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