One wish

If I could have one wish, there are many things I could wish for, especially for the return to health of my eldest daughter, but I know this is not going to happen, so I shall choose something that there is a possibility of happening.

So many times in my life I have been in the situation (and I bet many other people have been, too) where no matter though right has been on my side, some big company or organisation has not played fair or even made an attenpt to. Just for once it would be nice if I could have the upper hand. The most recent thing that happened to me is as follows:

In January after much consideration I decided to buy a new suite and carpet for my sitting room. I ordered these from a shop near where I live. I had purchased items of furniture from them before and had been quite happy with the service. The suite did not arrive until the end of March. I noticed the back cushions were badly creased and when friends saw them they agreed. I took one of the cushions into the shop and the man I saw on that occasion, a long standing member of staff, agreed with me that it was faulty. He told me he’d tell the appropriate department and someone would come to see the suite. Four months later, despite further visits, phone calls and a letter no action had been taken. One particularly unhelpful member of staff asked me what I expected them to do!!! Eventually after threatening to get my credit card company to take up the case, a man, very pleasant, who was supposed to be independent, came. He said there was no manufacturing fault and said I should remove cushion stuffing once a week and plump it up. BUT, he said, whenever anyone sits on chair or sofa the creases will reappear. I am 82 years old and find difficulty in unzipping the cushions, never mind removing the insides, plumping them up and trying to get them back.

I have written twice to the manufacturer, Parker Knoll, and on the first occasion they told me to contact the retailer although I had told them I had done so many times. On the second occasion they suggested doing the plumping up exercise daily!!!! They also said they were very proud of their mechandise. UnfortunatelyI am not proud of my suite and very much regret having bought it. I have to cover up creases with cushions or chairbacks. It would be so nice if I could have got some service, but once the money is paid no one seems to care.

I am one exasperated old lady!



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