Does An Author’s Personal Life Influence You?

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Some of the most commented on posts at 101 Books are the post in which I ask a simple question. We usually have a lot of great discussion in the comments.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d make this a weekly thing. From now on, every Monday I will feature the “Monday Question” on the blog. It will be a simple, straightforward book-related question for you guys. I’ll give you some of my initial thoughts and then turn the floor over to you in the comments. Hopefully, it will provoke some new thoughts and entertaining discussions.

So let’s get started.

The first Monday Question is simply this:

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Boots on the Ground

Do you hear the distant pound

Of boots upon the ground?

Air strikes are all that’s needed

Say some people now

How soon will that be succeeded

By boots upon the ground?

Men in smart grey suits

Will decide about the boots

Upon the ground

Young men will go to war

While we ask “What’s it for

These boots upon the ground?”

Hearts broken, lives lost

But who will bear the cost

Of a dead son or daughter

In another needless slaughter?

Not the people who decide

To put boots upon the ground

They will express sorrow

It’s for a better tomorrow

These boots upon the ground

We wear poppies and remember

Every 11th of November

The war to end all wars

When there were so many

Empty boots upon the ground