Quinn Again!

Just added two more books to my Kindle Library. The first one is called THE FALL. The chief suspect is only seventeen years old, but is very clever and very devious. It looks as if Quinn might not be able to outwit him.

The second book is JARVIS HESMOND’S HAREM. Hesmond almost bores Quinn to death when they meet on holiday, but little does Quinn know how his life is to become entangled with Hesmond and what he will find out about him.

FallJarvis illustration


Sorry to Interrupt

Years ago I had a a friend whose mother-in-law had a few pithy comments which she trotted out on suitable occasions. One of them was, “Sorry to interrupt your conversation.” She made this comment to sales assistants who kept up a conversation with each other while serving her.

I have often been tempted to say this myself to shop assistants who have completely ignored me while serving me. Yesterday was a typical case. Four assistants standing in line carried on a conversation with each other. The one serving me never actually uttered a word to me.

The worst case I encountered recently was in M&S. at one of the food tills.The woman serving me had put through only two items when another assistant came up, jammed her chin on the woman’s shoulder from behind and started to whisper in her ear some tittle tattle about the store. The one serving me stopped what she was doing (she had little choice) while for a second or two I looked on in amazement. Since this scenario didn’t look like stopping any time soon, I said, “Excuse me” in a loud voice.The woman who had caused the interruption threw an insolent “Sorry” at me and with a smirk said she had more to tell later. A third assistant watched all this from the aisle.

I certainly do not believe that the customer is always right, but surely normal good manners is not too much to ask. The perpetrator was ‘dishing the dirt’ to use that horrible expression and obviously she couldn’t wait to pass it on.

At Your Age?

Recently I was in Marks and Spencer and as I passed the bank one of the employees asked if I had an M&S credit card. When I replied that I had, ¬† she said if I opened a bank account with them, they could pay my credit card bill every month. Obviously she meant with my money! I said I paid it on the internet. She looked amazed. “At you age!” she said. She then tried to cover up her faux pas by saying not many old people use the internet, but I know a lot of them do! I am old. I am 82 and I know a lot of old people suffer with memory problems, but not everyone’s brain flies out the window when they get old.

Where Do You Worship?

Trafford Centre 001
Shopping Centre versus Church. Nowadays there is no contest! When The Trafford Centre was being built a commentator said thousands would come to worship at this shrine and so it came to be along with all the other people at shopping malls throughout the country while churches often have a very small congregation and many are already closed.Some are up for sale.

When I was young people used to flock to churches of all denominations. A¬†special “church bus” was put on in our area to take people to churches in town. It was always packed.

I no longer attend church myself. I have listened recently to church services on the radio and thought how little relevance they seemed to have for young people. The hierarchy of the church seems to have no answer to falling congregations and nor do I.

Weddings, funerals or christenings seems to be the only things which draw people to church nowadays, yet many people still claim to be Christian.

Church 001


Some people love autumn with all the lovely colours of the leaves on the trees, but I have always found November a particularly dreary month.

This year summer has been loath to go and we have yet to discover what Winter will bring.


Autumn revels in the glory

Of magnificent colour

Yellow, orange and red

Succulent fruits abound

We see the beauty all around

Then the leaves fall for us

To crunch along the ground

Golden harvest is complete

And Autumn, like a woman

Dressed to impress

Suddenly forced to divest

Her glamour

Is revealed stark and cold

Winter has now taken hold