Where Do You Worship?

Trafford Centre 001
Shopping Centre versus Church. Nowadays there is no contest! When The Trafford Centre was being built a commentator said thousands would come to worship at this shrine and so it came to be along with all the other people at shopping malls throughout the country while churches often have a very small congregation and many are already closed.Some are up for sale.

When I was young people used to flock to churches of all denominations. A special “church bus” was put on in our area to take people to churches in town. It was always packed.

I no longer attend church myself. I have listened recently to church services on the radio and thought how little relevance they seemed to have for young people. The hierarchy of the church seems to have no answer to falling congregations and nor do I.

Weddings, funerals or christenings seems to be the only things which draw people to church nowadays, yet many people still claim to be Christian.

Church 001


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