Education, Education,Education!

When I listen to the Prime Minister and MP’s talking about education I sometimes cannot believe what they are saying. The PM’s latest announcement ( not the first time he’s said it) that he would like all pupils to have the same type of education that he had. He went to Eton, which if not the most expensive school in the country, is near the top, charging over £30.000 a year. Many people do not earn that in a year.

People might say it is not all about money, but has the PM ever visited a school where teachers struggle to keep order, never mind teach pupils to a high standard? Despite what is said, often by the leaders of teachers’ unions, such schools do exist. I do not for one moment think that schools such as Eton do not have discipline problems, but they always have the option of expelling pupils. If a state school expels a problem pupil, what happens? They are sent to another state school where they probably cause the same havoc as they did in the one from which they had been expelled.

How many MP’s have said better teachers are needed with good degrees? This is an insult to the present teaching profession

. Some of the worst teachers I have known have been extremely clever, but cannot impart this knowledge to their pupils, sometimes because they cannot understand why less able pupils cannot understand what they are teaching.

What is needed are pupils who want to learn and the type of pupil who is not interested in learning does exist. To listen to MP’s one would think that all pupils were sitting waiting attentively for pearls of wisdom to drop from a teacher’s lips.

I can remember when the teaching of times tables was scrapped, now those along with teaching grammar and punctuation, also thrown out many years ago, are to be brought back. This all sounds good, but look at those countries which surpass us in education. The children are well disciplined and the parents are anxious for them to learn because they know the value of education. I am certainly not suggesting that the cane is brought back, but unless strict discipline is introduced in some form, high standards will be difficult to attain in some schools.

Why not set a standard that pupils must reach before they leave school? At the moment some pupils leave unable to read or count which is a disgrace in a civilised country such as ours.


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