A Weighty Problem

The other day I saw three fat women on television maintaining they were quite happy about their weight, but suffered insulting comments on social media.
It reminded me of when I was young. people were always commenting on how skinny I was. I was 5’8′ and 9 stone 4lbs. I had thin legs and not very much shape above the waist. Many of these comments were made by people who were overweight and some of them were quite hurtful. I never had the courage to retaliate.
When I look at some of the young women nowadays, I think I was born too early.
I am now in my eighties and have lost a couple of inches in height and now weigh just under 11 stone. According to my body mass index I am bordering on obese, yet most people would not describe me as fat


A Weighty Problem

004The other day a TV programme featured three very fat women who said they were happy with their size, but concerned about comments made about them on social media.

Why do people feel it is all right to made rude remarks about someone’s personal appearance?

When I was young ( many years ago) I was considered skinny and people never tired of telling me I was far too thin. I was just under 5’8″ tall and weighed 9st 4lbs. How would I be judged if I were a teenager today with those proportions?

I am now old and have shrunk a couple of inches and now weigh just under 11st. I don’t look fat, but according to my body mass index I am on the border of obese

Oh, Not Again!

I have written about this before, but again yesterday I had a message left on my ansaphone which was unintelligible. I listened about six times to the gabble, but eventually gave up, thinking if it was important the person would ring again. Surely if one is leaving a message and a number to return the call, it  should be spoken slowly and clearly.

Repeatedly we are told that messages are be recorded. I sometimes feel like recording a message , sending it to the firm concerned just to let them hear how poorly their business is being represented.


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