The other day a friend and I went to a pub we often frequent for lunch. We were about half way through our meal when a large crowd came in and sat at a long table next to us. From the moment they sat down they shrieked, they laughed and seemed to be trying to outdo each other by shouting louder and louder.

We couldn’t hear what each other was saying. Eventually we and the three young people sitting at a table on the other side of us moved to another part of the pub. Fortunately the place was big enough for us to do that. It was half term. Was this a crowd of noisy bad mannered teenagers? No, I would have thought the average age was around sixty. Some of the men in the party were obviously embarrassed at the noise the women were making.

When the waitress came to take their order she had to keep asking people to repeat what they wanted because some of the women were making so much noise.

Sometimes one has to make allowances for old people who are deaf, but I do not think these people were deaf. I’d like to bet they’re the type of people who complain about teenagers’ behaviour.


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