My battle with a Vacuum Cleaner

Not being as young as I used to be, I decided to buy a cordless vacuum and to stop using the big, heavy model I had. I purchased the new one at a local well known store, brought it home and soon had the separate parts all joined together. It was a joy to use after I had charged it for hours. I found it picked up better than any vacuum I have ever owned, but there was one flaw!  I could not get the floor tool off to attach the hose and the various implements which came along with the vacuum. I struggled and struggled to no avail. I looked up the instructions which were no help at all.

Eventually I went back to the store where I’d bought it. I spoke to a girl who told me it was difficult to remove this part and she said she couldn’t do it because she had hurt her thumb. She called to a man who agreed it was difficult. He picked up a vacuum from stock, sat down and put it over his knee. He was able, with some difficulty, to remove the part, but as I pointed out he was considerably stronger than I was.

He had two solutions. The first was to oil it. Since it wasn’t a hinge or something similar I was unwilling to do that. The second was not to bother with the attachments. He said his mother had one. She couldn’t remove the foot tool, so just used the vacuum without any of the extras. I was not happy about this.

I came home and tried again and again to remove the offending part, but it didn’t budge, so I wrote to the manufacturer. They also had two solutions. Remove the part regularly and it will become easier. Since I couldn’t remove it in the first place how could I do it regularly. The second solution was to take it back to where I’d bought it.

I did take it back to shop and a different young woman served me. She also agreed it was very difficult to remove this part which had initially fitted on quite easily. She sat down, put it upside down between her knees and tugged and it came off. She did this several times and got me to sit down to try. After a struggle I did get it off. She advised if I got the part off at home to put vaseline on the rim and it would get easier which it did. I now have full use of the vacuum.

I wonder how many unsuspecting women buy this make of vacuum only to find that while easily fitted together, it is very difficult to take apart It might be all right if you have a strong man around the house, but otherwise it is next door to impossible. All the assistants know it is difficult, but, of course, this is not mentioned in the sales talk.

How glad I am that I don’t give up easily! I am grateful to that second young woman who gave me useful tips.


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