Right Person

On Tuesday I was at the luncheon club where the speaker was a retired heart specialist. His topic was, “Heart Stopping Moments”. He had been speaking for only a few minutes when he saw that the woman beside whom he was standing had her eyes closed. He bent over and asked if he was boring her, but got no response. He quickly realised that something was wrong and went into action. Someone rang for an ambulance while others brought cushions and the  woman was soon lying on the floor having expert attention

When the ambulance came she was taken off to hospital and the speaker explained to us what had happened. Sometimes after a heavy meal and sitting in a warm room, one’s heart slows down to such an extent one falls unconscious. Instead of her heart beating about sixty times a minute,  the woman’s had been beating only four times a minute.

How fortuitous that a heart specialist was right on hand. How many people are that lucky when something goes wrong?


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