So Annoying!

Yesterday I had my day planned. I shopped at the supermarket in the morning, came home, did some work then had lunch. With my coffee I decided to have one of the chocolates I bought in the morning, but when I opened the box what a sight met my eyes. The chocolates were all white and stuck together and were obviously inedible. I knew I would not have an opportunity to go back, except for that afternoon because I was going away for a week. I, therefore, decided to go there and then. There was no problem having them changed. The young man at Customer Services was polite and apologetic. There were several people in front of me in queue all of whom were bringing something back because they wanted it changed. No one else had anything which was faulty. I know it was not the supermarket’s fault that the chocolates were unfit to be eaten, but wouldn’t it be nice if some small gesture was made in such circumstances for the waste of time and petrol on the customer’s part. Fortunately I live not far from the supermarket. If I had lived a long way off I might just have binned the chocolates.


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